Lake County Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Florida Mediator Certified as a Circuit, Family and Appellate Mediator

Mediation can be a cost-efficient, effective means of dispute resolution. When the parties are willing, mediation offers a number of advantages over litigation. Mediation can be less expensive than litigation. Mediation gives the parties greater control over the eventual outcome, rather than leaving the case in the hands of a judge or jury.

If you are a Florida attorney who is searching for a mediator within Florida's Fifth Judicial District, consider me, Carla Pepperman. Based in Mount Dora, I have been a lawyer since 1983 and have extensive experience representing clients in commercial litigation, real estate litigation, personal injury litigation and probate litigation. I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants. As a result, I am well situated to mediate a variety of disputes.

The Florida Supreme Court has certified me as a Circuit, Family, and Appellate mediator. I offer very reasonable fees, and do not charge for my travel time throughout Florida 5th Judicial Circuit, which encompasses Lake County, Marion County, Sumter County, Hernando County, and Citrus County.

Giving Each Party to a Dispute the Chance to Tell Their Story

In mediation, it is important that each party has the opportunity to explain fully their position. When each party to a dispute has the chance to make themselves heard, it can go a long way to promoting a resolution that makes sense for both parties. I make it a point to foster an atmosphere in which both parties can feel comfortable discussing their issues with me. 

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