Explore The Option Of Arbitration

Attorney Carla Pepperman believes that the arbitrator stands in the shoes of a judge. Since 2014, she has stood in those shoes as a qualified arbitrator with the Supreme Court of Florida.

The majority of her work in binding and nonbinding arbitration area has focused on nursing home-related claims. However, she is also skilled in real estate and other types of legal disputes where arbitration is voluntary or mandated by a contractual agreement.

The Process Of Arbitration

First and foremost, arbitrators must have knowledge in the specific legal area surrounding the dispute. In many cases, they are chosen from an approved list of candidates.

Similar to mediation, arbitration can save disputing parties both time and money. The key difference between the two forms of alternative dispute resolution is how a decision is reached. Rulings are made by a neutral arbitrator after hearing both sides. In matters that involve a three-member panel, a vote is taken and the majority decision is final.

While hearings are not as formal as courtroom proceedings, each side can present evidence and provide testimony. Opposing parties do have the opportunity to challenge evidence and witnesses.

The sole arbitrator or tribunal renders the final verdict that is considered binding with a few exceptions. However, that is not the final step. The courts will have the opportunity to go over the case to look for signs of any fraud or misconduct.

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