An Affordable Alternative To Litigation

For Carla Pepperman, mediation is her passion.

As a lawyer, she has witnessed firsthand what her clients endure during trials. While oftentimes the best step toward a legal resolution, prolonged litigation has costs beyond financial. Whether a legal dispute involves injuries in an accident, the end of a marriage or appellate related matter, continuing clashes can prolong a process.

Disputes do not have to be prolonged for what seems like an eternity. Options exist to find a much-needed resolution.

Successful In Resolving Disputes Through Mediation

Mediation can be effective and saves money, provided that both sides are cooperative. It also provides an opportunity for warring parties to have a say in the outcome instead of providing the power to a judge or jury.

Carla Pepperman's experience as a Mount Dora-based litigation attorney has made her a successful and certified circuit court and appellate mediator. Representing both plaintiffs and defendants at trials and in mediation has provided her keen insight into the benefits of both sides negotiating instead of litigating.

An effective mediator earns the confidence of both sides who can feel free to express their needs and goals. Mediation provides those participants with a much-needed voice. An open forum allows them to be heard. That foundation can lead to resolution.

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