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In probate litigation, there is more at stake than simply money, property or other assets. A family legacy may be on the line. If you are engaged in probate litigation, it is important that you have a dedicated lawyer on your side. We are the Mount Dora law firm of Carla R. Pepperman, P.A. We represent individuals and families throughout Lake County in all types of probate litigation, including:

  • Will contests: Will contests can involve any number of issues such as undue influence, lack of capacity, questions as to the validity of the will or the presence of numerous wills.
  • Trust contests: In Florida, living trusts are a fairly common estate planning feature. Therefore, trust contests are not unusual. Trust contests can involve many of the same issues that are present in will contests. In addition, trust contests can involve allegations of breach of fiduciary duty or accounting issues.

Working Toward Effective Solutions to Difficult Family Disputes

Probate litigation, more than most other kinds of litigation, can involve highly charged emotional disputes between family members. In many cases, probate litigation involves disputes between children from a first marriage and a spouse from a second or subsequent marriage. Will contests, trust contests or other types of probate litigation are often an extension of longstanding disagreements between family members.

At Carla R. Pepperman, P.A., we listen closely to our clients in order to understand their needs and goals. While we respect the family dynamics involved in probate litigation, we focus our efforts on protecting our client's legal interests. Whether your case is resolved in negotiations, mediation or in litigation, we will be determined to achieve a positive result.

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